May 012013
My Tea Party Network Debut

Media personalities from across the political spectrum are talking about CLASH! Hear me discuss CLASH! with conservative commentator Rusty Humphries on his syndicated talk radio show, brought to you by Tea Party News Network. Practicing what CLASH!preaches, Alana and Rusty bridge the independence-interdependence divide to explore cultural conflicts and what to do about them.

Aug 162012
Choice Talk at Yale

Returning to my alma mater for the first time in many moons, I presented the Culture Lab’s research on choice in India, China, and working-class America at the Yale China India Insights Conference. Click this post to watch a video of my talk.

May 162012
Talking Tech on KQED

As a guest on KQED+’s The History Quiz, Alana reveals the secrets of Silver’s adaptive eyeglasses, the original Engelbart mouse, a Lunar Rover antenna, and an antique transit compass. Click this post to watch the videos.