Sep 152014
Split Identities on "To the Best of Our Knowledge"

For years, I’ve tuned in to PRI’s “To the Best of Our Knowledge” most Sunday nights as I make a soup for the week. So imagine my delight to be a guest on TTBOOK to discuss Clash! and how people navigate their many and often conflicting cultural identities. The line-up for the episode, called “Split Identities,” was […]

Aug 132013
"Remarkably readable...dynamic prose"

Any scientist who has ever talked about her work with people not in her field knows how hard it can be to convey just what is so cool about what she does. Jargon, unspoken assumptions, and a PhD’s worth of background knowledge get in the way of snazzy stories and gripping take-home messages. And so […]

Jun 112013
CLASH! on Washington Post Reading List

The Washington Post named CLASH! one of “Eight Books to Make You Smarter” on its innovator’s summer reading list. “This might just be the perfect summer book to read before a family vacation to visit the in-laws,” wrote Dominic Basulto. “Any book that gets props from Amy Chua of ‘Tiger Mother’ fame is worth reading to understand the deep cultural conflicts that […]

May 022013
Stanford Mag Profile of CLASH!

Kara Platoni of Stanford Magazine sat down with Hazel and Alana to discuss Clash! in “About Our Antagonisms.” Among the morsels, Hazel talks about the Japanese art vendor who praised her for picking out the watercolors “that all the American women like,” and Alana reveals “an excellent project for the 21st century.”

May 012013
CLASH! in Psychology Today

Psychology Today profiles CLASH! in its May 2013 issue under the headline “The Real Culture Wars.” Journalist Matt Huston writes about three trade-offs that people make when using their independent versus interdependent sides.

May 012013
Advance Praise for CLASH!

“This book is a passkey that opens many doors. Using one simple principle, Clash! explains some of the most bedeviling cultural divides in our workplaces and communities.  It’s mandatory reading for teachers, managers, and parents who want to raise their kids to succeed in a multicultural world.”—Chip Heath, PhD, coauthor, Decisive: How To Make Better Choices in Life […]