Bridging cultural divides between nations, ethnic groups, social classes, industries, and disciplines isn’t just a matter of finding the right words. You must also understand the values and practices of your audiences. As a seasoned cultural psychologist, writer, and editor, I help you gain that understanding, and then translate it into communications and interventions that work. In all projects, I meet clients and audiences where they already are, and then take them where they never thought they could go.

Research, Writing, and Editing for

Trade Books
Popular Press Articles
Research Reports
White Papers
Tenure and Promotion Packages

Information Design for

Live Presentations
Social Media
Behavior Change Interventions

Other Services

Experimental Design
Data Analysis
User Testing
Market Research
Strategic Planning

Employers and Clients

Clinical Excellence Research Center, Stanford School of Medicine
Global Access to Technology for Development
Stanford Social Psychological Answers to Real-World Questions (SPARQ)
Stanford Center for Social Innovation
The Tech Museum of Innovation, San Jose, California
The World Bank Group

For my portfolio, please email me: firstname at firstname lastname dot com.

  One Response to “CONSULTING”

  1. We absolutely love your views regarding women and conflict in the corporate ladder, and we would like to interview you for our upcoming Women Leadership Summit for Emerging Leaders. We want to connect working women with influential women (such as yourself) to share with them lessons, advice, and valuable strategies to help them build their confidence and advance their careers. Your topic included in your book “The 8 Conflicts” is a perfect fit. Do you do interviews?

    Excited to hear from you!

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